Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb postare, which means to post. You might have noticed that a lot of words and expressions about social media have been borrowed and tweaked a bit for Italian (like twittare, yesterday’s post). See the verb used below:

Mio fratello è molto contento perché il suo cantante preferito ha appena postato le date del concerto di Milano su Facebook. Salta dalla felicità.

My brother is very happy because his favorite singer just posted the dates of the Milan concert on Facebook. He’s jumping for joy!


Grammar Note:
Don’t forget that in compound tenses certain adverbs come between the auxiliary verb and past participle. In our example here, you can see that the adverb appena (just) separate the two parts of the verb. Other adverbs that do this are già (already), ancora (still), sempre (always), (non)…mai (ever/never), (non)…più (more/anymore), and spesso (often).