fare una domanda a bruciapelo

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression fare una domanda a bruciapelo, which means to ask a point-blank question. The word bruciapelo is often used in the context of hunting or shooting when a bullet is fired at close range – so close that the projectile is able to burn the hair on the target and the chances of missing are low. Una domanda a bruciapelo is one that can’t be avoided and often comes unexpectedly! See the expression used below:

Quando ieri ho visto Marco al bar, mi ha fatto una domanda a bruciapelo che proprio non mi aspettavo: se frequentavo la sua ragazza…!

When I saw Marco at the bar yesterday, he asked me a point-blank question that I wasn’t expecting: if I was dating his girlfriend…!

[audio:https://paroladelgiorno.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Fare-Una-Domanda-A-Bruciapelo.mp3|titles=fare una domanda a bruciapelo]