perdere le staffe

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression perdere le staffe, which means to lose one’s temper. Don’t forget that the past participle of perdere is perso (it’s irregular). Una staffa is the stirrup that horseback riders would place their boots in while riding a horse and refers to feet slipping out of them. The expression, though, is used figuratively to convey impatience and a loss of control of one’s anger.

See the expression used below:

Oggi ho perso sia il treno sia l’autobus e poi sono arrivato 45 minuti in ritardo al lavoro. Come se non bastasse, quando bevevo il caffè, me lo sono versato addosso. Stavo per quasi perdere le staffe…!

Today I missed both the train and the bus, and then I got to work 45 minutes late. And to top it off, when I was drinking my coffee, I spilled it all over myself. I was almost about to lose my temper…!

[audio:|titles=perdere le staffe]