Mal comune mezzo gaudio

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression Mal comune mezzo gaudio, which means A trouble shared is a trouble halved. It is used to refer to situations that are a bit difficult but can better endured together rather than on one’s own. See our example below:

Mio fratello era disperato perché non riusciva a montare il mobile nuovo che aveva comprato, io combattevo con il tagliaerba che non si voleva accendere. “Sai che c’è? Lasciamo tutto e andiamocene a cena! Mal comune mezzo gaudio, ci occuperemo di questi problemi domani!” mi disse.

My brother was desperate because he couldn’t put the new furniture together he had bought, and I was fighting with the mower that wouldn’t turn on. “You know what? Let’s drop everything and let’s head out to dinner! A trouble shared is a trouble halved, we’ll deal with all these problems tomorrow!” he said.

[audio:|titles=mal comune mezzo gaudio]