beccarsi l’influenza

Ciao a tutti e Buon Anno! Hi everyone and Happy New Year! Sorry for the late start to 2016, but it has been hectic the last six days of the new year as I still get in the swing of working full time with a long commute. I’m starting to ride a rhythm, and I hope to finish setting up my computer so I can make blog updates while I am on the train.

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression beccarsi l’influenza, which means to get the flu. See the expression used below:

Ti ricordi quando l’anno scorso Luigi si beccò l’influenza il 31 dicembre e dovette annullare il suo viaggio in Thailandia? Poverino!

Do you remember when Luigi got the flu last year on December 31st, and he had to cancel your trip to Thailand? You poor thing!

[audio:|titles=beccarsi l’influenza]