il curriculum & il colloquio

One of the most frequently received emails I receive is from individuals asking me how to say “resumé” (curriculum vitae) or “interview” in Italian! This post should help clear up some confusion that many readers have.

Today’s Parole del Giorno are the words il curriculum and il colloquio, which mean resumé and interview, respectively. See the nouns used below:

Ottenere questo nuovo lavoro è stato più veloce di quanto pensassi: ho inviato il mio curriculum una settimana fa, l’altro ieri ho fatto il colloquio con il responsabile delle risorse umane e oggi ho firmato il contratto!

Getting this new job was quicker than I thought: I sent my resumé a week ago, and the other day I had an interview with the person in charge of human resources, and today I signed the contract!

[audio:|titles=il curriculum and il colloquio]

The word l’intervista means interview, but it refers to an interview done for the news, radio or TV!