il sindaco/la sindaca

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun il sindaco/la sindaca, which means mayor. Recently in Torino and Roma, both elected their first female mayors to hold the office.

The election and victories of these two women have set off a linguistic firestorm in Italy – you can read about that here (it’s just in Italian, I’m afraid, but it will be good practice!). According to the Accademia della Crusca, which acts as a steward to the Italian language, states that the use of feminine nouns is preferred over forms like la sindaco.

See the noun used below:

Ogni città ha un sindaco o una sindaca che governa la città e ne dirige gli affari giornalieri. Di recente, Roma ha avuto le elezioni e i suoi cittadini hanno votato una signora per la carica.

Every city has a male or female mayor who governs the city and runs its daily affairs. Recently, Rome had elections, and its citizens voted for a woman to hold the post.

[audio:|titles=il sindaco, la sindaca]