prenotare una visita

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression prenotare una visita, which means to make a doctor’s appointmentThe noun la visita can mean doctor’s visit or medical examination.

Remember that in Italian, the verb visitare can mean to visit, but, when used with people, to see or to call on a patient. To express visiting a friend or relative, use andare or venire a trovare qualcuno.

See the expression used below:

Ho prenotato una visita dall’oculista per lunedi prossimo. Voglio farmi controllare la vista, mi sembra che non vedo più bene come prima.

I made a doctor’s appointment at the ophthalmologist for next Monday. I want to get checked out, I don’t seem to see as well as before.

[audio:|titles=prenotare una visita]

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