Recensione: Fatto in casa da Benedetta

Ciao a tutti!! I have been waiting for some free time to write a review (finally) of a new cookbook called Fatto in casa da Benedetta and published by Mondadori! As some of you may already know, this book is by Benedetta Rossi, who has a popular Facebook page full of cooking recipes and videos. You can also find her videos on YouTube, as well!

The great thing about the world wide web is that not only can we all share information, but the web allows for the creations of these videos that help us not only see what Benedetta is cooking but also goes a long way to helping us recreate her recipes at home! Also, learning the Italian language through cooking is a context that most of us understand, and you can learn a lot of new words and expressions by not only reading recipes but also watching amazing desserts and dishes being made! Language learning is not only about speaking but is also about observing and listening, too.

More importantly, Ms. Rossi teaches us how to make a variety of batters (gli impasti) for a multitude of recipes as well as pasta frolla (or pastry dough) — there are even recipes for gluten free versions, too! While some of her favorite recipes and videos involve making cakes and cookies, she also shows us how to make a variety of torte salate and stuzzichini (appetizers).

You can purchase the book from for just 15.22 euro! (FYI: the book prices are subject to change). Click here to have a copy of this amazing book delivered to your door in time for the holidays!

If you are a regular user of Facebook, follow her page — Fatto in casa da Benedetta — and/or check out her channel on YouTube (check out the ideo below where she presents her book):