a forma di

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the prepositional phrase (la locuzione preposizionalea forma di, which means in the shape of or in the form of.

Remember that with le locuzoni preposizionali, you generally need a preposition at the beginning and at the end (although there might be an exception or two):

See the phrase used below:

Da bambina Martina andava al parco e si sdraiava sul prato a osservare le nuvole. La divertivano quelle a forma di animale, più di tutte.

As a young girl, Martina used to go to the park and lie down on the grass to watch the clouds. Those in the shape of an animal would amuse her more than anything.

[audio:https://paroladelgiorno.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/A-Forma-Di.mp3|titles=a forma di]

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