la duna

Ciao a tutti! Thank you for your patience while I work through my finals! They have finally ended, and #PdG will return to its regularly scheduled weeks with words.

Image of a seat turtle crawl

Possible sea turtle crawl towards a nesting site

Today’s #PdG is the noun la duna, which means dune.

See the word used below:

Quando siamo andati al mare due settimane fa, gran parte della spiaggia era chiusa perché le tartarughe depongono le uova nelle dune. Le tartarughe scelgono le dune perché le uova sono protette dall’alta marea.

When we went to the beach two weeks ago, a large part of the beach was closed because turtles were laying their eggs in the dunes. Turtles choose the dunes because their eggs are protected by the high tide.

[audio:|titles=la duna]