fare (in arithmetic)

This week we are going to focusing expressions/situations where the verb fare is used. We hope that some of these expressions will be new to you or will provide a helpful review to an important Italian verb!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is a verb you should all be familiar with, the verb fare. This verb means to do or to make, and it is used in a variety of idiomatic expressions.

In arithmetic, the verb fare is used to mean equals.

For example, when you see 3 + 3 = 6, you would say tre più tre fa 6.

See the verb fare used mathematically in our example below:

Matteo ha 6 anni e a scuola ha cominciato a studiare le moltiplicazioni. Spesso lo sentiamo in cucina mentre studia e ripete “3 per 1 fa 3, 3 per 2 fa 6, 3 per 3 fa 9….”

Matteo is six years old, and at school he has started to study multiplication. We often hear him in the kitchen while he is studying and repeating “3 times 1 equals 3, three times 2 equals 6, three times three equals 9…”


Useful words for doing math in Italian:
più = plus
meno = minus
per = times (or multiplied by)
diviso = divided by
Quanto fa 3 per 3?What is 3 times 3?
Quanto fa 3 diviso 1?What is 3 divided by 1?
Quanto fa 3 più 4?What is 3 plus 4?
Quanto fa 3 meno 1?What is 3 minus 1?



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