Customer Service and Email Response Times

Good morning!

I received a couple of emails over the weekend regarding from users of Parola del Giorno. I want to take the time to outline our customer service guidelines.

As many of you know, I am working on my doctorate at the moment, and, while I am not attending classes this summer, I am engaged in research while simultaneously providing administrative assistance to the university where I study. I am also busy working on Volume 2 of the Piccole Guide series and have several irons in the fire at any one time.

While there may be several of us working on Parola del Giorno at any one time, I (Keith) provide all of the customer service. While I may see your email on my smartphone, I do not always have access to information necessary to respond to your emails. Please be patient – I will respond as soon as I can!

I do not want users to the site to think that I am ignoring emails, questions, complaints, or concerns. 🙂

Here are some general customer service guidelines:

1-Our “office” is located in Albany, New York, USA in the Eastern Standard timezone. If you reside in Europe or another country/timezone, please be aware that I may be sleeping when you are awake (and vice versa).

2-Please give me 24-48 hours to respond to non-critical/non-purchase related emails. Chances are, I will respond sooner, especially if your email is in regards to an order or purchase you have made.

3-You can contact us a variety of ways: you may email us (, send us a message on our Facebook page, or send us a Tweet or Direct Message on Twitter. The storefront on Selz (where we sell all of our ebooks and publications) also has a mechanism for sending messages – these come directly to my phone. Please avoid sending important messages on Instagram or LinkedIn as these are not always connected to my phone.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and understanding! I received some many positive emails in the last few weeks regarding the Piccola Guida on Prepositions. I hope that you will all enjoy volume 2, as well!


Keith Preble
owner and author
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