la cupola

Ciao a tutti! This week’s theme is going to focus on words related to the monuments you encounter on your trips to Italy. These posts will also highlight some trivia and useful historical tidbits on the cities we shall profile this week.

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun la cupola, which means dome. Many Italian churches, basilicas, and cathedrals are known for their domes.

How many churches can you think of that have distinctive or unique dome?

See the word used below:

La cupola del Duomo di Firenze è notevole non solo per i colori accesi che si possono vedere dappertutto ma anche per la costruzione innovativa. 


The dome of the Florence Duomo is notable not only for its bright colors that you can see every where but also for its innovative construction.

[audio:|titles=la cupola]

Did you know that the Duomo of Florence is famous for its dome by the famed Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi. The dome can be seen from many parts of the city, and it is a great tool to use to get your bearings and keep from getting lost. You should definitely check out the book “Brunelleschi’s Dome” by Ross King, a fascinating historical account of the dome and the architect!

Check out this video from National Geographic on the dome and its construction (it’s in Italian so take a moment to practice your listening comprehension, too):