Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun l’anfiteatro, which means amphitheater (or amphitheatre).
















Roman amphitheaters can be found all over Europe, North Africa, and parts of the Levant. If you are interested in where they can be found, there is a decent listing of them on Wikipedia.

See the noun used below:

Il Colosseo è l’esempio più significativo di anfiteatro romano.Questa incredibile struttura è nata per ospitare i giochi gladiatori e, nei secoli, è anche stata utilizzata come abitazione da parte dei più poveri cittadini di Roma.

The Colosseum is the most important example of a Roman amphitheater. This incredible structure was constructed to host gladiatorial games, and, over the century, was also used as a residence by the poorest of Rome’s citizens.


If you want to learn more about Roman architecture, check out one of the best books on the subject by the noted professor of Classical Studies Frank Sear: Roman Architecture. While the book is on the older side (it was published in 1983), it easy an approachable read is a text often assigned in Roman art and architecture courses at university (Disclaimer: I took his course during as an undergraduate while at the University of Melbourne). He also wrote a book on Roman Theaters, but it is quite expensive. If interested in this publication, you can find it here.