Paperback of Ripassiamo! is now available!

Ciao a tutti!

When I first envisioned Piccole Guide, I did not intend for them to be in paperback version. Many of you had sent emails asking that I please make them available for purchase since many of you prefer paperbacks to ebooks! Both volumes 1 and 2 and the exercise guide for volume 1 are available from Lulu.

Our latest guidaRipassiamo!, is now available in paperback and can be purchased here from Lulu!

I want to explain briefly the pricing structure and answer some questions I have received about why some ebooks/books are priced higher in some places than others.

First, each guide costs about $7 to print and bind 40 pages. It is important that these guides be succinct. It is also the reason that exercises are not included. The exercises for volume 1 are free to download from our Store Front on Selz (anyone who donated or pre-ordered would have received a free copy automatically – if you did not, reach out to me!).

Second, for each copy made, the publisher takes a cut, and then I have to pay them to print the book. All books are print on demand. After factoring in costs and profits, each copy retails between $17.99-19.99. If the price were any lower, we would just break even and defeat the purpose of writing them. This is why if you purchase the Piccole Guide from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere, they are priced higher than if you purchased them directly from the publisher. They also change the price depending on supply and demand, and I have no control over that. Also, when selling to a third-party, they also take a cut, which is why the price is higher so there is something left over for PdG! I’m not trying to gouge anyone, I promise! 🙂

Third, you can get paperback copies of our all our publications from The prices are lower, and I can control the price, which is why most of our publications are 25-50% off the retail cover price. The lower price means I do not have to pay commission to a third-party.

Lastly, eBooks sold as PDF on Selz are great because it means that a) we can keep more of the profit b) we can make changes and update publications whenever we want c) it costs the consumer much less. Unfortunately, the same pricing issue occurs when we sell eBooks on the iBook Store, Google Play, and Amazon since we have to pay commission to sell our books there. What you are paying for at these sites is having all your books in one place and making use of their IT infrastructure. (Remember that PDFs can be loaded onto Kindle devices, iPads, smartphones, and PC’s — we cannot provide extensive IT help, but if you are having trouble, reach out; maybe we can help or at least point you in the right direction).