Surprising Words: belga

The adjective belga can be confusing because it is a bit different from other words used to describe one’s nationality, such as:

  • italiano, italiana / italiani, italiane (Italian)
  • americano, americana / americani, americane (American)
  • russo, russa / russi, russe (Russian)
  • spagnolo, spagnola / spagnoli, spagnole (Spanish)
  • brasiliano, brasiliana / brasiliani, brasiliane (Brazilian)

The adjective belga is both the masculine and feminine form. This adjective also has an irregular masculine plural:

  • belgi 
    (not belghi)

The forms of belga are:

  • belga (m. and f. singular)
  • belgi (m. plural)
  • belghe (f. plural)