i vizi capitali: goloso

Ciao a tutti! This week we are going to profile adjectives that describe the seven deadly sins or i vizi capitali. If you have ever been to Italy, you will often notice statues, paintings, and other works of art that ‘pay homage’ to these sins.

You can see a chart below of the seven deadly sins in English and Italian along with the adjectives used to describe the behavior associated with the sins:

Sin (noun) Italian translation Sin (adjective) Italian
lust la lussuria lustful lussorioso
gluttony la gola glutunous goloso
greed l’avarizia greedy avido
sloth l’accidia slothful accidioso
wrath l’ira wrathful


envy l’invidia jealous invidioso/geloso
pride la superbia proud, arrogant superbo

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the adjective goloso, which means gluttonousGluttony is  the sin la gola, which is also the word for throat in Italian.

See the adjective used below:

Non ho mai conosciuto una persona più golosa di Riccardo! Se c’è un dolce sulla tavola, non importa quanto grande, lui lo deve finire, non riesce a controllarsi!

I have never met anyone more gluttonous than Riccardo! If there is a dessert on the table, no matter how big, he has to finish it, he cannot control himself!