i vizi capitali: invidioso

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the adjective invidioso, which means jealous.

Sin (noun)
il vizio
Italian translation Sin (adjective)
il vizio
lust la lussuria lustful lussorioso
gluttony la gola glutunous goloso
greed l’avarizia greedy avido
sloth l’accidia slothful accidioso
wrath l’ira wrathful


envy, jealousy l’invidia envious/jealous invidioso/geloso
pride la superbia proud, arrogant superbo

See the adjective used below:

Secondo la versione più famosa della fiaba, la Regina era talmente invidiosa del fatto che Biancaneve fosse la più bella del reame, che si trasformò in strega per ucciderla con una mela avvelenata.

According to the most famous version of the fable, the Queen was so jealous of the fact that Snow White was the most beautiful in the realm that she transformed into a witch in order to kill her with a poisoned apple.


What is the difference between l’invidia e la gelosia?

In Italian, l’invidia (envy) is what you feel when someone has something that you do not have. For example, being jealous of your brother because he bought a new car and you couldn’t or because a friend of yours is smarter than you are; in these cases you would feel invidiosoLa gelosia is what you feel when you already have something (or someone) but you fear losing it. For example, you arrive late to the bar and see your girlfriend talking to another. You would be geloso because of your feeling of losing her to someone else. Check out this video – it does a good job explaining the difference (in Italian, of course!).