This week’s theme is going to feature a class of verbs called verbi atmosferici or weather verbs. These verbs are typically used in the third person singular, but, as always with languages, there are exceptions. You are probably familiar with the verbs piovere (to rain) and nevicare (to snow). This week will feature some others that will be useful as you expand your Italian vocabulary!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb diluviare, which means to pour (down). You can use either avere or essere in compound tenses!

Mi ha telefonato mia madre stamattina perché ha visto che ha diluviato e voleva sapere se io avessi avuto problemi con tutta quella pioggia mentre ero in strada.

My mother phoned me this morning because she saw it poured down and wanted to know if I had any problems with all that rain while I was on the road.


It should be noted that many of these “weather verbs” can be used figuratively. For example, diluviare can also be used in this manner:

Gli insulti diluviavano!
The insults were raining down!