Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb grandinare, which means to hail (down).

caveat with this verb: the stress, when conjugated in the simple present, is on the first syllable (not the next to last):

grandina          it’s hailing.

See the verb used below:

Durante i temporali estivi in Italia, spesso grandina. Negli ultimi anni, la grandine è sempre più grande e pericolosa. Alcuni video mostrano chicchi di grandine grandi come sassi!

During the summer storms in Italy, it often hails. In the last years, the hail is always bigger and more dangerous. Some videos show hailstones as big as stones!



la grandine     hail

il chicco di grandine     hailstone




Sorry for the lack of posts the last few weeks! I have exams coming up and have been bogged down studying for them (it also does not help that I am taking one class more than I would normally take as well as teaching, too).