il sampietrino

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun il sampietrino (or sanpietrino), which means cobble or paving stones.

These are the stones that line many streets of Rome, and they get their name St. Peter and the Piazza di San Pietro, which is lined with these cobbles. If you have been to Rome, you will have walked on sampietrini at some point.

See the noun used below:

La mia amica si lamenta sempre del fatto che le strade di Roma sono lastricate di sampietrini e lei, che ama vestirsi bene, non può mai indossare le scarpe col tacco perché non riesce a camminare su quei sampietrini.

My friend always complains about the fact that the streets of Rome are paved with sampietrini, and she, who loves to dress well, can never wear high heels because she is unable to walk on these paving stones.

[audio:|titles=il sampietrino]