Surprising Words: la due giorni?

Ciao a tutti!

It has been a while since we have published a “Surprising Words” segment.

This segment is based on a recent conversation I had with Daniele. I am a big fan of SBS Radio from my time living in Australia, and I saw on their web site that Angelo Alfano (a politician in Italy) had made a trip recently to the land “down under.”

On the SBS web site, they talked about “la due giorni” of his visit. La? La!? Why is it feminine? “What is happening?” I asked myself.

As you can see, the expression is composed of the adjective due with the masculine plural noun giorni. Daniele pointed out to me that this expression is a neologismo or a neologism (in other words, a new or recently coined word or expression).

According to Treccani’s Neologismi (2008 edition), the expression first appeared in 2001. It refers to an event that lasts/takes place over two days. You will most likely encounter this expression in journalistic contexts.

Search for the expression at Google New — I was surprised by what I found!