essere un cane

Ciao a tutti! Thanks to everyone who corrected my typo in Monday’s post on essere una capra! I corrected it and updated the post!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression essere un cane, which means to be inept or incapable at something.

In Italian, there are many other expressions related to dogs, such as fa un freddo cane, which means to be freezing cold. People can also be described as cani when you want to describe them as incapable at something.

See the expression used below:

Marco non poteva credere che il suo amico dell’università, che adesso lavorava per lui, fosse un cane con i progetti della ditta. Tutte le cose che toccava finivano male!

Marco could not believe his university friend, who now worked for him, was inept with the firm’s projects. Everything he touched came to no good!

[audio:|titles=essere un cane]