alta e bassa

Today’s Parole del Giorno are the adjectives alta and bassa, which mean thick and thinrespectively.

Many pizzerias in Italy will often serve two kinds of pizza, pizza alta or pizza bassa (thick or thin crust pizza). In Rome, the pizza is traditionally bassa and sottile. In Naples, the crust is higher and thicker. The height of the crust varies all over Italy and from pizzeria to pizzeria, but you are bound to find a pizza crust that suits your tastes! See the adjectives used below:

In Italia, ci sono differenti modi di fare la pizza: quella napoletana ha la crosta alta, mentre quella romana ha la crosta più bassa e sottile.

In Italy, there are different ways to make pizza: the Neapolitan one has a thick crust, while the Roman one has a thinner crust.

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