Privacy Policy Update

Hi there,

We’ve added a privacy policy to our web site:

I just want to let everyone know that Parola del Giorno is largely managed by me (Keith). I get help from native speakers in recordings and language assistance, but they do not have any access to personal information (what little there is) or emails.

Comments have been disabled. It is just too confusing to keep up with all the privacy regulations so I leave it to sites like Facebook and Twitter to host any kind of communities of users. I’ll try to purge any remaining comments left on the site in the coming weeks.

I have disabled all analytics as well as temporarily removed the share buttons until I am sure that there are no privacy issues. Keep in mind that if you use PdG through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, that these sites have their own data collection policies that are largely out of my control.

When you make a purchase of a book, ebook, language guide or make a donation, data is collected by the payment processor. This data is stored on their servers and not on the server that hosts For example, if you purchase a language guide from Selz, you typically need to provide your address, email, and payment information. This information is typically checked against your bank’s information for purposes of fraud. If you make a purchase at Amazon or Lulu or other site, they may collect your data, and most users typically accept the terms and conditions of using a particular site.

Be aware that if you send an email, we keep your email for 90 days or until the situation has been resolved. This situation rarely occurs since we are mainly an informational site. I do my best to respond to emails about orders and payments quickly, and other emails not as quickly.

Also, if you receive email updates through Feedburner (a Google service), your email address is retained in that database (when you subscribe, you have to give your consent to be placed in the database, which you did if you are receiving the emails). I have little access to it and can only remove users; only users can add themselves to the database. If you wish to unsubscribe, please follow the prompts at the end of the email or email, and I will unsubscribe you in 72 hours (it’s fast if you do it yourself).

Lastly, we do not sell, harbor, collect, or harvest user data. I neither have the time nor inclination to engage in such activities. is a hobby and a way to share my love for Italian language and culture. If you have questions about our privacy policy, you email us!