Surprising Words: fans?

With the summer approaching, we are going to be searching for ways to cool off! An Amerian student I tutor confuses the different words forĀ fan, so I thought that this would make an excellent post! šŸ™‚

While the English word fan has a variety of meanings, Italian has three different words that should not be confused!

Il/la fan: this is someone who admires something, such as a book or who follows something, like a TV show. Note that this noun is notĀ invariabile but takes the English pluralĀ i/le fans, depending on the gender!

Il ventilatore: this is theĀ fanĀ that you plug in that blows air around to keep you cool. It should not be confused with…

Il ventaglio: this is aĀ fan that you hold in your hand and wave at yourself (or have someone wave at you); they are often made of silk or paper.







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