Today’s Parola del Giorno  is the verb abbaiare, which means to bark. See the verb used below in its context:

Il cane dei vicini ha abbaiato tutta la notte, così si sono accorti dei ladri che stavano entrando in casa.

The neighbors’ dog barked all night, so they noticed some thieves were coming in the house.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give an update. First, I have had to deal with some family issues that have been huge demands on my time, so I have not been able to dedicate myself to the web site the last couple of months. Things appear to be improving on that front so I hope to be able to dedicate more time to Parola del Giorno. Second, I participated in my first academic conference this summer and that also required a considerable amount of time and attention.

Thanks for all your patience as I work through professional and personal demands.

Also, volume 3 of Le piccole guide is ready! I need to do one more small set of corrections and edits, and I will release it shortly. Volume 4 is also in the works and will be a vocabulary builder. One of the criticisms that I often received when learning Italian was that I didn’t know how to describe things beyond interessante or bello so I hope that this little guide will help to improve your arsenal of adjectives and descriptors! 🙂