i buoni propositi

Buon anno a tutti! I hope that everyone had a pleasant and enjoyable New Year’s Eve! Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression i buoni propositi, which means New Year’s resolutions. See this article in Italian from GQ Italia to see what kinds of resolutions that Italians non rispettano mai!

Ogni anno, per Capodanno, faccio sempre gli stessi buoni propositi: mangiare in maniera più sana, andare in palestra, essere più disponibile con gli altri ma alla fine non li rispetto mai. Che fallimento!

Every year for New Year’s Eve I always make the same New Year’s resolutions: to eat healthier, to go to the gym, to be more helpful to others, but in the end I never keep them. What a failure!

Happy New year to all! I hope that 2019 brings joy, good health, and success to all!

Now that the new year has begun, PdG will be resuming. I apologize for the lack of posts, but I have had a difficult couple of months with school and family. All is better is both camps now, and I hope to be able to continue this project more regularly.

I have to take my comprehensive exams in the coming weeks, so I will not be very frequent this month or next, but I will make updates time permitting. I need to spend a lot of time studying for these exams so that I can progress to the next stage in my program. I appreciate your patience.

I’ll be releasing volume 3 of the Piccole Guide this week, too. It is now finished. It will be released first as an e-book because I had some ideas over the holiday on how to improve it, so I might add content to it (these updates will be free). I also might divide the guide into two parts because it is longer than I had anticipated, but I have yet to decide.

Again, thank you all for your patience during the last year!