Una rondine non fa primavera

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression Una rondine non fa primavera, which means One swallow does not make a summer (or one swallow does not a summer make).

It literally means one swallow does not make Spring. It means that a single instance of something does not necessarily indicate a trend. In other words, just because one good thing has happened, it doesn’t mean that other good things will necessarily follow.

See the expression used below:

Anche se hai fatto bene l’ultimo test, sappi che una rondine non fa primavera. Per superare questo corso devi ancora studiare tanto!

Even if you did well on the last test, know that one swallow does not make a summer. In order to pass this course, you still have to study a lot!

2019 Calendar: Luoghi d’Italia

I received almost two dozen emails over the last few weeks asking if PdG would be publishing another calendar this year. I initially did not have the time to put one together, but a friend of mine helped me choose some photographs from my Flickr and urged me to put one out. If you are interested in supporting PdG, you can purchase a calendar directly from Lulu.com by visiting this link.

(Unfortunately, I cannot send calendars directly to people because of the tax implications of doing so. It creates a lot of extra paperwork that I have to file, and it is time consuming and difficult to process. It also means that I have to file sales tax receipts with the state I live in; purchases from Lulu do not require me to do that so it is easier time-wise and money-wise).