Today’s Parola del Giorno is the adjective crepitante (from the verb crepitare), which means roaring or crackling when describing a fire (like the one that you might have in your fireplace). See the noun used below:

Maria e Marco amano andare in montagna all’inizio dell’inverno perché per loro è una cosa romantica. Gli ricorda quando erano ancora ragazzi e si frequentavano: un po’ di brandy, la compagnia e un fuoco crepitante che crea l’atmosfera giusta.

Maria and Marco love going to the mountains at the start of winter because it is something romantic for them. It reminds them of when they were still dating: a bit of brandy, the company and a roaring fire to set the mood.

Grammar Note: The verb crepitare means to crackle or to pop when describing a fire. It can also be used to mean to rustle – like the sound you might make while walking over fallen leaves in autumn. Note that in the present tense, the stress is in the verb stem: crepito, crepiti, crepita, crepitiamo, crepitate, crepitano.