la zanzara tigre

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the noun la zanzara tigre (plural: le zanzare tigre), which means tiger mosquito. They are called this because of their unique white stripes.

This species of mosquito was not present in Italy until the 1990’s and have since spread throughout the continent. They are faster and smaller than your typical mosquito are quite difficult to control and kill. If you are in Italy in the summer, you are bound to run into them from time to time, especially during the day.

See the noun used below:

Le zanzare tigre non sono indigene dell’Italia: sono arrivate durante gli anni 90 dall’Asia e adesso sono un grande problema per tutto il Paese.

Tiger mosquitoes are not indigenous to Italy: they arrived during the 1990’s from Asia and now are a huge problem for the entire country.