Bad Year…

Hi all,

I am sure, as you are all aware, that 2020 did not start off on a good note with COVID-19 raging across the world.

COVID-19 really derailed my teaching duties last semester, and it upped my work level immensely. This left me with little free time.

I’ve been catching up on all of my teaching and student responsibilities, and I feel that I am finding some breathing room again for the web site.

Some updates:

  1. Apple has made the ability to publish ebooks to the iBookStore much easier. Because of that, I have published the first three volumes of the “Piccole Guide” series that resemble the print editions. For the remainder of the summer, each volume will be available for purchase for your iPad/iPhone/Macbook for just $3.99.

    You can find the links here:
  2. Volume 4 and 5 will be coming out this summer. Volume 4 will be a vocabulary guide (I hope with pictures) and Volume 5 will be a short guide to using Italian pronouns. Volume 6, if I have time, will also come out this summer. For those of you who subscribed, you will receive free PDF copies through Selz.
  3. There have been some changes at the company I use to print the books. Unfortunately, the price of the books has gone up since the change, but I am working to see about restoring the price levels before their site upgrades. What is happening now is that the prices have been raised to compensate for the fee paid to Amazon and other booksellers for carrying the books. I used to have a Lulu price and a price for Amazon (which was slightly higher because of the commission Amazon takes). I’ll work on getting that fixed.
  4. I’m going to program the site to republished the over 5000 entries/words of the day that have been posted previously while I decide on the next course of action for the site and how best to proceed.

Thank you all for your patience! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and continues to remain so through the rest of 2020 and beyond!