If you missed my email from earlier in the week, while I work on some writing projects and the last two volumes of “Piccole Guide,” I’m going to recycle some of the older content on the site.

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb intascare, which means to pocket something.

The past participle is intascatoavere is used in compound tenses.

See the verb used below:

Dopo mesi di preparazione, l’operazione clandestina contro l’amministratore comunale corrotto si stava per concludere! Non appena l’amministratore avesse intascato la tangente datagli dall’agente segreto, sarebbe stato arrestato.

After months of preparation, the undercover operation against the corrupt administrator for the comune was about to wrap up! As soon as he pocketed the bribe given to him by the undercover agent, he would be arrested.