andare in macchina

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression andare in macchina, which means to drive or to go by car. 

There is a difference between the verb guidare and andare in macchina. The verb guidare is transitive (transitivo) and is typically used to refer to the act of driving some form of transport or riding a form of transport. It stresses the activity, and it is often followed by the mode of transportation being driven (macchina, moto, autobus, etc.).

The expression andare in macchina stresses movement to/from a particular place/location. 

Our example contrasts the two:

A mia madre non piace andare in macchina da nessuna parte se deve guidare lei. Dice che c’è sempre troppo traffico per strada e poi non le piace guidare di notte perché non vede bene al buio.

My mother does not like driving anywhere if she has to drive. She says there is always too much traffic on the roads and then does not like to drive at night because she doesn’t see well in the dark.