farla franca

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the pronominal verb farla franca, which means to get away with it, in other words not being discovered or avoiding the consequences of some bad deed having been done (like thieves breaking into your home and never getting caught).

See the expression used below:

I ladri sono entrati in casa della Signora Rossi alle 03:00 di mattina e si sono portati via tutti i gioielli della Signora. Nessuno in casa si è accorto di niente e i ladri l’hanno fatta franca con un bottino di più di quattromila Euro!

The thieves got into Mrs. Rossi’s house at 3:00 AM, and they stole all of the lady’s jewelry. No one at home realized anything, and the they got away with it with a more than 4,000 euro of loot!

Grammar Note:

Don’t forget that when the pronominal verb ends in -la, the past participle in compound tenses remains in the feminine singular even when the verb is used in the plural (as in our example).