andare a quel paese

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression andare a quel paese, which means to get lost, to drop dead or to go to hell.

Quel paese refers to what Italians call l’inferno or hell.

You will hear this expression a lot with irate drivers, and it is quite common to hear around Italy! I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard it! Having said all of that, please be cautious in using this expression. It is not an expression to use in every day conversation.

See the expression used below:

Al compleanno di Gianni, c’è stata una lite fra Marianna e Tommaso che è velocemente diventata molto tesa. Tommaso è scappato quando Marianna ha gridato “Vai a quel paese! Mi fai schifo!” Non sappiamo il motivo della lite ma forse è perché giorni fa lui ha cacciato di casa la sorella di Marianna.

At Gianni’s birthday, there was an argument between Marianna and Tommaso that quickly became very tense. Tommaso took off when Marianna shouted “Go to hell! You make me sick!” We don’t know the reason for the argument, but it is perhaps because some days ago he dumped Marianna’s sister.