We’re back…!

Good day, all!

I don’t know about all of you, but COVID-19 has complicated my life in so many ways. As an educator and adjunct professor in higher education, my teaching and research duties began to consume all of my time as teaching online and in-person in some cases became more arduous. I haven’t been able to find the time to work on developing #PdG and for that I apologize.

I plan to graduate this summer and complete my PhD. As I work on the last sections of my dissertation, I have been exploring new ways to reach an audience as well as generate income for the site so that it at least pays for itself. More importantly, I miss engaging with my Italian friends and Italophiles.

With that in mind. I am going to be transitioning PdG to Substack over the next year.


Substack is a platform for independent writers (I also plan to develop a channel for my research and public scholarship on foreign policy and politics). Writers can make some of their posts free or they can place them behind a subscription service. I plan to do a mix of both to support PdG. I want to move away from Facebook, where it is impossible and difficult for authors to monetize their content. I also want to move away from an environment that relies too much on advertising, which can be insidious as social media sites track and store user information.

Please consider subscribing as a free member, monthly subscriber, or a founding member. There will be plenty of content for all subscription types.

Another reason for the shift to Substack is that Google plans to discontinue the Feedburner service that powers the emails that get sent to everyone daily/weekly (or however often I publish). I want to find a platform that is not only reliable but user friendly, and I think Substack is a great substitute for that. At some point in the next couple of months, email updates from www.paroladelgiorno.com will cease.

This site – www.paroladelgiorno.com – is not going away; I plan to publish free content from Substack here. I will also be migrating old content from www.paroladelgiorno.com to my Substack over the next year.

Also, I have two new language guides coming out this summer, which will complete the Piccole Guide series I started several years ago! The first one I will publish will be a guide on pronouns; the last guide in the series will be on using the past tenses in Italian (passato prossimo, imperfetto, and more!).

My goal is to return to Italy later this year or next summer (2022) to visit some of my favorite cities and some new ones to update my photo gallery so I can publish a new calendar. I am also working on developing a “Word of the Day” calendar in Italian, which I hope to release in 2022 (it’s possible it might go out in 2021, but it depends on the pandemic and other factors).