Substack – some clarifications

Good evening, PdG’ers!

A few followers to the site reached out on what they needed to do to keep receiving emails. I apologize if my previous email was unclear.

Because of spam and email privacy laws, I can’t transfer subscriptions from Feedburner to Substack as doing so might violate laws in the state where I live (NY) or where you live (and that is a lot of different places).

To keep things simple and safe, if you wish to continue to follow Parola del Giorno, please go on over and subscribe to our Substack newsletter.

To do so, please go here:

After you click, you’ll see this page:

Type in your email address and click “Subscribe.” After you do so, this box will appear:

You’ll then be presented with four ways to subscribe:

Annual: $30/year – Those that subscribe with this option will receive a free copy of our language guides in ebook format (as a PDF) in addition to access to all newsletters/posts that we publish.

Founding Member: $50/year – A special status; those that subscribe in this manner will receive a paperback copy of our language guide on Prepositions and a paperback copy of our exercise supplement (both in full color). Will also receive complete and full access to past, current, and future newsletters.

Monthly: $5/month – Complete access to past, current, and future posts. After subscribing for 12-consecutive months, all monthly subscribers will receive a free copy of one of our language guides as an ebook (pdf).

Free: Users who subscribe for free will receive all public posts that are published to the site. I plan on having a healthy mix of free and premium content.

Simply choose the level of membership support that works best for you.

After you subscribe, you’ll receive an email from Substack asking you to confirm your email address. This is common so that people are not subjected to unwanted emails. After that, you’ll receive all future newsletters. If you’ve paid the monthly, founding, or annual membership, you will receive access to the archives on Substack, as well.

Because Feedburner is going away, I plan to migrate much of the content on to Substack. Also, at some point in the near future, Feedburner will be taken offline by Google. Please consider joining Substack and remain a part of our Italian language learning community!