Parola del Giorno (PdG) was founded in 2005 and was originally a Blogger blog. With the introduction of the iOS app in 2010, the blog migrated to an independent server running WordPress. Unfortunately, maintaining the app in an ever-changing technology landscape became extremely expensive and daunting. We hope to reintroduce an app in the future for iOS and Android.

On November 2016, PdG turned 11 years old, and we are excited to continue this project. This web site has become an important site learning and promoting Italian language, culture and travel!

We are now on Substack – please visit us, subscribe, and, if possible, become a monthly, annual, or founding member to our site: http:\\paroladelgiorno.substack.com.

Who started Parola del Giorno?

Parola del Giorno was founded in 2005 by Keith Preble.

Keith has been studying Italian since 2002 and has lived in Rome, Italy twice (2003-2004; 2012-2015), most recently while pursuing his Master of Arts in government and politics at St. John’s University’s campus in Rome, which he completed in January 2015.

He is currently working on his PhD in political science at the University at Albany, SUNY, specializing in international relations and comparative politics. He also has a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University (2017) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne, Australia (2003).

Daniele Laudadio joined Parola del Giorno in 2014 and has been providing phrases for the daily words, often suggests themes and words to use, provides the voice-overs for our daily examples and also served as co-author for Il vero italiano 2: Practice Makers Perfect and Piccole Guide: Preposizioni. He has Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from Università di Roma “La Sapienza” in linguistics and translation and speaks Italian, Spanish, and English fluently. He is currently working on his PhD in Italian Studies at the University of Toronto.