Il vero italiano 1 & 2

Our first book, Il vero italiano: Your Guide To Speaking “Real” Italian, was published in August. This 244 page guide explores the nine parts of speech in Italian. There is also a chapter on idioms (modi di dire). The book features useful charts to illustrate verb conjugations, numbers and other facets of Italia


n grammar. Throughout the book are sections called Da notare that explore important points of Italian grammar.

ISBN: 978-1312388659 (black & white edition) (color edition) (black & white edition) (color edition)

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You can also purchase this title as an ebook from the iBook Store, Google Playour storefront on Selz, and as print replica from Amazon.



Il vero italiano 2: Practice Makes Perfect contains not only exercises to help you practice some of the grammar profiled in our first book (see above) but also important new grammar on how to use the pronoun neci, using piacere, as well as the Italian past tenses. There is also useful appendices with useful verb lists and important points of grammar. The exercises in this book are challenging, but don’t worry — there are answer keys at the end of each chapter!

This book is available as a paperback from Lulu (our publisher/printer) for $6.50 as well as via Amazon and other online booksellers. If you prefer to order from a “brick and mortar” location, just give the bookseller the

ISBN: 978-1-312-66938-3.

You can also purchase this title as an ebook from the iBook Store, Google Playour storefront on Selz, and as a print replica from Amazon.

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