Language Guides

Parola del Giorno publishes a number of Italian language guides:

We also publish a series called Piccole Guide that addresses topics related to Italian grammar in easy-to-digest language guides between 40-80 pages (depending on the topic):

  • Volume 1: Preposizioni (Prepositions)
  • Volume 2: Ripassiamo! (Let’s Review!)
  • Volume 3: Un viaggio fra i verbi (Verbs)
  • Volume 4: Exercise Supplement for Volume 1 (Preposizioni)
  • Forthcoming Summer 2020: Volume 5: Pronomi (Pronouns)
  • Forthcoming Summer 2020: Volume 6: Sostantivi (Nouns, a guide to building your vocabulary)

All of our publications are available in the iBookstore, Google Play, Amazon (in print and ebooks), and from our publisher