Piccole Guide (“Little Guides”)

Our newest endeavor, Piccole Guide or “Little Guides,” is a new series of language guides that will feature different aspects of Italian grammar. Each guide is printed in full color and ranges between 40-60 pages. Many of these guides will also feature exercise supplements (but we do not guarantee that all volumes will have exercise supplements).

Each Piccola Guida will be published electronically as DRM-free PDF files or as ebooks availabled through Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and/or the iBook Store. All of our Piccole Guide will also be available in paperback from our publisher Lulu.com as well as via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other booksellers in the United States and around the world.

Volume 1: Preposizioni (Prepositions) & Exercise Supplement

image of front cover of volume 1 of the Little Guides











This short volume goes over some important rules regarding the use of Italian prepositions. The Exercise Supplement to Volume 1 is currently free to download as a DRM-free PDF (although donations are greatly appreciated to support our work) or can be purchased in print.

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Exercise Supplement to Volume 1, download DRM-free PDF — $1.00


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Exercise Supplement to Volume 1, Purchase from Lulu Press, $11.49

Volume 2: Ripassiamo! (Let’s Review!)


Ripassiamo! or Let’s Review! is a short language guide that addresses some of the pitfalls of Italian grammar and offers a succinct review of these complex aspects of Italian grammar. An exercise supplement is forthcoming; no date has been set for its release.

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, $8.99


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Volume 3: 
Un viaggio fra i verbi! 


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Volume 3 – Released January 2019 – will help you to learn some of the most important Italian verbs as well as provide notes and useful tidbits on verb usage. The point of this guide is to build your arsenal of Italian verbs to improve your ability to speak and write the language. The electronic version is 92 pages with a substantial index and guide for conjugating regular verbs as well as complete conjugations for avere and essere.