Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We do not maintain any collection of user data on our web site or on any of our computers. We do use Feedburner to store email addresses for those who opt-in to our email subscriptions. User data are collected when you make a purchase from Selz, and this data are stored on their servers in the form of order information. This information is necessary to send you books and ebooks as well as for tax reporting purposes since Parola del Giorno is a sole proprietorship. I do not collect user information nor do I maintain databases of users or visitors to the site. We do not sell, lease, or loan data about our users or visitors to other entities.

Keep in mind that if you are a member of our Facebook Page or subscribe to PdG updates via Twitter or follow us on Instagram, that these services may be collecting data on your activity. 


Comments are disabled. Any comments left in the past will be deleted.


Images and media uploaded to the web site are typically the property/copyright of the proprietors unless otherwise noted.

Contact forms

We currently do not use Contact Forms. If you wish to contact us, do so via our Facebook Group ( or via email at


WordPress may load “test cookies” or a cookie for date and time so that dates and times render properly on the site; these cookies are used to make WordPress function properly. The Creative Commons badge may leave a cookie, too. The pop-up message alerting you to the cookies also leaves a cookie so that the message doesn’t continue to bother (meaning, once you accept, a cookie is left so that you do not have to keep re-accepting).

Embedded content from other websites

We do not embedded content from other sites. Until I can investigate whether using Facebook or Twitter buttons for the posts creates a privacy issue, they will remain deactivated.


I have disabled all analytics to I do not find the information on visitors useful, and I no longer subscribe to any services. Some analytic data are collected by Selz when you make a purchase, but these data are stored on their servers and hardware, not by anyone at This is the same kind of data that you would supply to any online retailer when you make a purchase.

Who we share your data with

We do not share data with anyone. We do not collect data.

How long we retain your data

Since we do not collect comments, we do not retain your data. If you send us an email or a concern about the web site, it remains in our inbox/sent mail folders for 90 days until we are sure the issue has been resolved.

What rights you have over your data

There are no user accounts with If you are an email subscriber, then your email resides in a Feedburner database (which is now owned by Google), and you opt-in to receive updates as our site is updated.

You may unsubscribe from this at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions. You can email us at, and I can remove individuals from the database (but I cannot add anyone). Also, if your email address changes, you will need to unsubscribe your old email address and then resubscribe with your new email address.

Where we send your data

We do not send your data to anyone.

Your contact information

Apart from the Feedburner email subscription service and the Piccole Guide ebook subscriptions on, we do not retain user data. User data for the “Piccole Guide” exist on’s servers as order information; these data are necessary to provide you with replacement copies of ebooks (should you lose the file) as well as send you updates as new issues/books/guides are published. If you make a donation through PayPal, your account information resides with PayPal, and I generally know your name and email address. I do not store this information, but the information remains in PayPal for tax and reporting purposes. As of 1/5/2019, we no longer accept cash donations and no further data will be stored.

If you send an email to, we do keep your email for 90 days to make sure that any issues/inquiries regarding orders are resolved. That information is stored in gmail where the account is held.

Additional information

We do not collect data. Any data that are collected — the Feedburner email service or from your orders on — are held by those entities and not by