essere come il prezzemolo

Ciao a tutti! My apologies for the late start to this week’s theme, but I had such a busy weekend of research and studying! This week’s theme is going to feature expressions that involve food! I picked seven of my favorite expressions — I hope they are new to you and will help to add flavor and character to your Italian!

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression essere come il prezzemolo, which means to turn up everywhere.

In Italian cooking, il prezzemolo or parsley turns up in a variety of dishes and recipes, hence the expression!

See the expression used below:

Ogni volta che accendo il televisore, vedo sempre la stessa presentatrice TV! Non importa il canale che io guardi; sembra che lei sia ovunque, è come il prezzemolo!

Every time I turn on the TV set, I always see the same TV presenter! It does not matter what channel I am watching; it seems as if she’s all over the place, she turns up everywhere!

[audio:|titles=essere come il prezzemolo]

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