Correction: Before we begin our new theme this week, I want to let everyone know that yesterday’s word l’abside is indeed feminine and not masculine! If you want to read about the word in an Italian dictionary, you can do so here. There was some confusion between my post and the example written by Daniele, who thought the word was masculine. He thanks the person who took the time to email us and point it out! The post has been corrected, and a new recording will be uploaded shortly.

Our “theme” for the next week is Italian words that start with sf-! I hope you enjoy learning these words while getting a chance to hear and practice the sf- sound in Italian.

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the word sfibrante, which means grueling when describing a long and difficult wait.

See the adjective used below:

Un mese fa ho mandato al consolato tutti i moduli e i documenti per il visto ma ancora non ho ricevuto nessuna risposta. Devo dire che questa attesa è piuttoso sfibrante!

A month ago I sent all the forms and documents for the visa to the consolate, but I still have not gotten any response. I have to say this wait is rather grueling