fare venire le traveggole

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the expression fare venire le traveggole, which means to make oneself see things.

Le traveggole is only used in verb expressions and never on its own. It comes from the verb travedere, which means to deceive oneself by seeing something that is not thereLe traveggole, then, would be those things we think we see but are not really there. The expression avere le traveggole means to be seeing things.

See the expression used below:

Ieri notte mia nonna si è svegliata e ha gridato all’improvviso come se qualcuno la stesse accoltellando! Ha svegliato tutta la casa e, quando le abbiamo chiesto perché gridasse, ha risposto che pensava di aver visto un fantasma. “Quel film dell’orrore ti ha fatto venire le traveggole! I fantasmi non esistono!” l’ha sgridata mio padre. “Torna a letto, mamma!”

Yesterday night my grandmother woke up and suddenly screamed as if someone were stabbing her! She woke up the entire house, and, when we asked her why she was yelling, she said she thought she had seen a ghost. “That horror movie made you see things! Ghosts don’t exist!” my father yelled at her. “Return to bed, mom!”

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